From left to right: © Julien Mignot, © Richard Volante, © Franck Hamon, © Didier Gouray


Rennes Metropole

Rennes, the capital of Brittany, is a European metropolis renowned for its quality of life, the richness of its cultural programme, the diversity of its heritage, its contemporary art offer and its exciting student life. Be it digital, cybersecurity, mobility, eco-industries, health, cultural and creative industries or food, Rennes is the beating heart of the regional economy.

With nearly 700,000 inhabitants under its urban umbrella, and a fast growing population – the city has the second largest population growth in France – Rennes is one of France’s most dynamic metropolises and is becoming an important economic driver – with an unemployment rate two points lower than the national average.

The city has developed following the archipelago-city model, which has shaped its specific landscape. Rennes starts from a dense and spatially limited urban core, and opens up into a green belt around the city centre with agricultural spaces – 78% of the metropolis’ territory is classified as a natural or agricultural zone.

Well connected to Paris with a quick train ride, the city has invested in a modern train station, and a nearby modern business quarter, EuroRennes, a valuable place for growth. The benefits of these investments will inspire the whole city and new projects are already on the way, for example the second metro line. Rennes’ inhabitants also have a say in the city’s future developments as 5% of its investments are dedicated to the participatory budget.

As the city boasts the first French Technology Park for ICT, digital is in its DNA. The ‘French Tech’ label and the competitiveness clusters boost the development of its start-ups and major groups. Rennes is recognised for its know-how and its talent, and skills and investors make the difference. The recent opening of a next-generation convention centre and the International City for Students and Researchers is already stimulating its international outlook.

Heart of Europe’s leading food industry region, and proud organiser of the rock music festival Les Transmusicales, Rennes cultivates its art of living with the full engagement of its people as one in four of its residents is a volunteer for one of its 8,000 associations.

Nathalie Appéré Mayor of Rennes, President of Rennes Metropole
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Fontaine Parmiggiani - © Arnaud Loubry
Illuminations du Parlement - © Franck_Hamon
Mairie - © Rafael Perez Kamaleon
Metro velo - © Franck Hamon
Opera - © Rafael Perez Kamaleon
Parc du Thabor - © Franck Hamon


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