Grand Paris Sud

Grand Paris Sud Seine-Essonne-Senart is an urban agglomeration located in the southern part of the Ile de France region, 30 km from Paris. Composed of 23 communes spread between two counties, Essonne and Seine-et-Marne, Grand Paris Sud is the fifth most-populated area of the Ile de France region and one of its locomotives for demographic growth.

Grand Paris Sud is immersed in nature with its 11,494 hectares of natural spaces and its territory is very diversified, combining new towns and traditional towns, countryside and large urban complexes. The agglomeration is still developing its housing potential with 3,500 residential units under construction and 425 hectares of available real estate.

Grand Paris Sud has a prosperous economy – with 22,000 companies, 138,000 jobs and 62 business parks – and a stimulating student life, with 14 centres of higher education and numerous centres of research. The agglomeration is an important innovation hub thanks to five centres of excellence in the field of biotechnologies, aeronautics, eco-business, e-commerce, digital industry and healthcare.

It is also a diverse territory immersed in culture, with three theatres, 130 concert halls, 21 libraries and media resource centres. Grand Paris Sud is home to 165 different nationalities making up for 30% of its population.

Michel Bisson President
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