Lyon is the essence of French lifestyle, a city on a human scale with deep humanistic values, and certainly not lacking in assets. Boasting 2,000 years of historic heritage inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the Metropolitan authority and the City of Lyon have kept architectural elements from each past era: from Gallo-Roman theatres and aqueducts, to major urban projects of modern inspiration, like Villeurbanne’s Gratte-ciel, then contemporary, like Lyon’s Confluence neighbourhood, and the Renaissance residences of merchants in the old area of Lyon.

Lyon is traditionally known for its gastronomy, silk industry, outstanding lightning techniques and being the cradle of cinematography.

With a well-deserved reputation as the French capital of gastronomy, the city of world famous chef Paul Bocuse has always known how to highlight local specialities and neighbouring terroirs, whether on the plate or in the glass.

Endowed with a rich cultural life Lyon also has a number of unique museums and international-class cultural institution such as the Opéra National and the Orchestre National de Lyon. Lyon also vibrates to the beat of numerous yearly events, the Festival of Lights in particular in December, but also several festivals such as the Nuits de Fourvière, the Nuits Sonores or Woodstower, as well as the Festival Lumière in autumn for film-lovers.

Through the diversity of its landscapes, the Metropolitan authority and the City also offer areas of unspoilt nature, large urban parks and landscaped banks along the Saône and Rhône rivers that are ideal for sports activities, walks, or bike rides.

Lyon has been awarded several European prizes, making it an attractive destination. For instance, the City was named Access City champion in 2017 and Fair and Ethical Trade city in 2018. In addition, efforts to develop more responsible and smart tourism have rewarded the Metropolitan Authority of Lyon with the European Capital of Smart Tourism Award – along with Helsinki. Lyon thus wishes to develop its tourism sector while preserving the environment, the quality of life of its inhabitants and the satisfaction of its visitors.

Grégory Doucet Mayor of Lyon
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Bruno Bernard President of Métropole de Lyon
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