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Lille Metropole

Lille Metropolis is a thriving cultural city with a constant flow of diverse atmospheres to choose from. The past and future rub shoulders, with Flemish and Spanish inspiration for the historical facades of Vieux-Lille and the contemporary architectural monuments to the glory of industry and innovation.

There is always something to do with dozens of museums like La Piscine, la Villa Cavrois or the LaM. Famous for being a festive city, Lille cherishes its party atmosphere with the ‘Braderie de Lille’ and other major events. It’s a gourmet city with thousands of flavours and as just as many breweries to pair them with. European Capital of Culture in 2004 and World Design Capital in 2020, Lille has developed its creativity and festive innovation with triennial editions of major cultural seasons encouraging individual and collective initiatives and sharing them, through opening parades, urban metamorphoses, major exhibitions, street art, debates, and gastronomy.

Lille Metropolis is perfectly situated at the crossroad of Northwest Europe, between Brussels, Paris and London and in quick reach of Amsterdam, Strasbourg and Frankfurt. This ideal position at the heart of the most densely populated and rich basin in Europe – 80 million people live within 300 km from Lille – is a huge economical asset for the metropolis. Within the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropole, Lille and its Belgian neighbours demonstrate real cross border cooperation.

Lille Metropole encompasses 95 municipalities and 1.2 million inhabitants in a territory that is both rural and urban, with cities like Lille, Roubaix and Tourcoing and smaller towns and villages. Due to this broad diversity of territories, the metropolitan authority is confronted with a variety of challenges regarding urban development, use of land, environment, employment and social inclusion, housing, mobility, food or culture.

Lille Metropole is home to the 2nd highest number of international company headquarters, many of them starting their road to success right here! A strong tradition of trade and innovation provides entrepreneurs with an environment conducive to creating and developing business. With eight technology parks of excellence the metropolis is at the forefront in many fields like health, IT, creative industry, food and innovative textiles.

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Renaissance Parade
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