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Located just 45 minutes by train from Paris, Reims is the 12th city in France with nearly 200,000 inhabitants.

Reims has an outstanding historical heritage and has played a key role in the history of France and Europe.

With two Unesco world heritage titles, Reims is known worldwide for both its history as the city of the coronations of the kings of France and for its champagne.

Reims has been able to reinvent itself constantly to become a booming and attractive city for businesses, tourism, residents and students from all over the world.

The city’s economy is driven by the wine industry and innovation, especially in the bio-economy field.

Reims has always cultivated a strong quality of life combining gastronomy, culture and nature.

Reims is committed to design the future of European sustainable and vibrant cities.

Mr Arnaud Robinet Mayor
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© Benjamin Segura, Reims Metropole DS
La Magnifique Society au Parc de Champagne à Reims
Promenades Jean-Louis Schneiter
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Museum Night © Cyrille Beudot
© Cyrille Beudot


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