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Tampere’s story is one of changes, and the city has reinvented itself repeatedly. Beginning as the cradle of Finnish industrialisation, moving onto being an ICT hub and home for Nokia and transforming last into smart city developments. Tampere has come a long way to become one of the most advanced cities in northern Europe, while keeping its clean urban nature into the 21st century.

Tampere is not only Finland’s third largest city, it is also the Sauna capital of the world. More than just a place to live, the city is a way of life. The secret to Tampere is its originality and its people. A unique relaxed atmosphere, the courage to make decisions, investing in the future, and creating innovations have always made Tampere bigger than its size.

Hometown to many innovations, Tampere has enabled the development of many world-class breakthroughs, products and services that improve the quality of life at global level. To name a few, world’s first ever SMS was sent from Tampere, and so were the first ever GSM and 5G calls.

The tradition of technological and industrial expertise remains strong and are displayed in multiple global solutions in imaging cleantech, smart mobility, health-tech and imaging technologies, among others. In addition to technology, Tampere’s DNA also includes culture and cultural well-being. The theatre capital of Finland hosts numerous notable events, concerts, festivals and exhibitions yearly.

Tampere residents often praise the reasonable cost of living, short distances, smooth transportation, and the mix of urban lifestyle and surrounding nature as great benefits of their hometown. Very soon, they’ll also get to enjoy a brand new tramway, top-notch central arena and plenty of other fruits of the urban development of the city centre and surrounding neighbourhoods.

It’s no wonder Finns vote Tampere as the most attractive city in the country year after year.  Finland has also claimed the top spot in the annual United Nations World Happiness Report over the past years. We like to think this makes Tampere the most desired city in the happiest country in the world.

More than anything, Tampere is a city of people. Tampere is traditional, dynamic and relaxing at the same time. Tampere truly is a state of mind.

Ranta Tampella Sunset - © Laura Vanzo
Pispala summer - © Laura Vanzo
Frenckell area - © Laura Vanzo
Tampella Tammerkoski sunset - © Laura Vanzo
Koskipuisto bench - © Laura Vanzo
Näsijärvi - © Laura Vanzo


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