Sipoo is located right next to the Helsinki metropolitan area, and it is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Finland. The bilingual municipality is active, and its workforce is exceptionally well-educated. The purchasing power of the entire Helsinki metropolitan area is only a dash away. Sipoo is in very close proximity to Vuosaari Harbour and Helsinki Airport as well as the Lahti and Porvoo highways. Great transport connections to Russia and the Baltic countries open up opportunities for international growth.

Sipoo offers a perfect setting for business owners to network and to expand internationally and succeed in a marine environment close to the Helsinki metropolitan area. An agile municipal organisation as well as flexible and personalised service will pave the way and bring added value to new business activities.

The Business areas of Bastukärr, Sibbesborg and Box form a growing workplace area and industrial estate network in Sipoo, where it is easy for people to develop business both nationally and globally. Sipoo is a part of the Helsinki Ring of Industry.

Mikael Grannas Mayor
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Lahiliikuntaa Suvi Suovaara
Nakotorni Suvi Suovaara
Pilvijarvella Sami Lamberg
Taasjarvea Suvi Suovaara