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Turku is a fascinating and boldly renewing European city of universities and culture that provides the conditions for good life and shared successes. As the oldest city in Finland, founded in 1229, Turku is a pioneer of urban culture which celebrated its year as the European Capital of Culture in 2011. Turku is also known as a strong sports and events city as well as the Food Capital of Finland. The riverside of the River Aura acts as a vibrant year-round living room for the city residents right at the city centre.

Turku is a safe city where the rich clean environment and nature are close. Part of the attraction is based on the coexistence of urban life and a breathtakingly beautiful archipelago. The city is surrounded by

40,000 islands and the national park of the Archipelago Sea. In housing, business life and leisure alike, Turku draws from its maritime location on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Valuing its history and as a city that is good to live in, Turku is interesting to residents, students, experts and tourists, as well as big and small businesses. Growth in the Turku region is supported by the excellent success of its diverse and dynamic business sector. Particularly the success of the maritime and pharmaceutical industries is reflected in other industries, such as cleantech, technology industries, and construction. The maritime cluster has strong global networks and high-quality project expertise, making the region the leading maritime region in the world where the most environmentally friendly cruise ships are built. In the pharmaceutical industry, more than half of Finland’s total turnover is generated in the Turku region.

Turku has six universities with 40,000 students. Cooperation between universities, research groups, the public sector, and business life creates new operation and collaboration projects, boosting international competitiveness.  Turku has a long history in working to advance cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region, especially in the fields of environmental protection and sustainability. In 2020, Turku was selected as the best mid-sized climate city in Europe by the European Commission, based on information in the Covenant of Mayors system. Through systematic strategy-based work, Turku will be carbon neutral by 2029 when the city celebrates its 800th birthday, and climate positive thereafter.

The city’s goal is to speed up the transition towards circular economy and resource wisdom, to find new climate solutions together with companies and educational institutions, to invest in renewable energy, low-carbon mobility and sustainable urban structures, and to add carbon sinks and adopting a local emission compensation model. There are many ways to live sustainably, and Turku believes that each person is a climate changemaker!

Minna Arve Mayor
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