Vantaa might be young as a city, but its convenient location has attracted people for centuries. Finland’s busiest travel hub, the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, is located next to some of the best-preserved historical parishes in Southern Finland. Finland’s fourth biggest city by population and home of many modern companies, Vantaa is full of green areas – parks, forests and fields. This is what Vantaa is – a city full of contrasts.

People like to live in Vantaa because of its diverse housing possibilities, characteristic neighbourhoods and a lively cultural life. No resident in Vantaa needs to walk more than 300 metres to find nature, and other services such as schools or leisure activities are made easy and accessible too.

Aiming to be climate neutral by 2030, Vantaa has always put the environment first. In the future the city will have no emissions and no waste, will use natural resources sustainably and will reduce its consumption to a minimum.

Vantaa is also a great city to run a company. Aviapolis, next to the international airport, is Finland’s fastest growing and second-largest business district and it attracts companies from all over the world who come for the interesting location, and great talent and skills. Aviapolis is a perfect spot for a company, regardless if you are focusing on the Finnish or international market.

Cosy living, green environment, vibrant business life and rich history make Vantaa worth experiencing.

Ritva Viljanen Mayor
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