From left to right: Photo 1 @ Presseamt Muenster, Tilman Roßmöller - Photo 4 @ Presseamt Muenster, Bernhard Fischer



Muenster is an independent city in the northern part of North Rhine-Westphalia and capital of the local government region Muensterland.

Muenster is full of history and full of stories. It is a city which has remained young at heart for more than 1200 years. High-tech and traditional trade, baroque noble residences and modern architecture, a historic city centre and progressive urban development blend in a lively city where more than half of its inhabitants are younger than 30 years old.

As the so-called ‘desktop’ of Westphalia, Muenster is an important location for the coordination of business, administration, science, culture and the social life of the region.

Muenster is known as a forerunner in the field of environment and climate protection – for instance, it was awarded the German Sustainability Prize in 2019.

Muenster is also one of Germany’s bicycle cities with more bikes than inhabitants, and you can find 4,464 bicycle routes in and around Muenster. Within the next few years, eight so-called ‘Velo-Routes’ designed for e-bikes will connect Muenster’s inner city with the surrounding areas.

In Muenster, the gables of the past harmonise with modern forms and tradition is paired with innovation. The beautiful facade of the old city could be maintained after World War II thanks to the careful rebuilding of the historic part of the city around the Prinzipalmarkt. A rich cultural life, diverse leisure activities and the beautiful parkland surrounding the city add to its attractiveness. Around 60,000 students in Muenster appreciate these advantages and many stay even after having completed their studies.

Muenster, incidentally the home of Germany’s most important female poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, has a lot to offer in the way of recreational and leisure facilities. This is not only because of the many green zones accounting for 70% of its area. Muenster is the city of international sculpture projects, of galleries and theatres, of conferences and conventions. Its 22 museums and six cinemas, the municipal theatre which puts on plays, concerts, dancing events as well as children’s plays and an independent and lively artistic community are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. More than 800 pubs, bars and restaurants offer enough possibilities for people to come together in Muenster.

Markus Lewe First Mayor
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Markt - @ Presseamt Muenster, Angelika Klauser
Muensterland Giro - @ Presseamt Muenster
Schauraum 2017 - @ Muenster View, Heiner Witte
Skulptur Projekte - @ Presseamt Muenster, Angelika Klauser