City news: Muenster – get the kick

26 February 2021

Muenster, one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Germany for many years, now offers another muscle-powered mode of transport. A start-up launched the world’s first adult kick scooter sharing system, called Tretty.

Tretty is not only fun to use, but also good for health and the climate, the young entrepreneurs emphasise. Muenster’s mayor Markus Lewe kicked off the project in August (image).

“We have experienced significant corona-related sales declines compared to our forecasts,” says CEO Amir Timo Marouf. “But we are looking very positively to the coming spring and summer.”

A fleet of 75 scooters is available for shared use in Muenster now, plus hundred bicycles. The company, financed in part by crowdfunding, just launched a service for business clients and can imagine rolling out Tretty to other cities as well.

Photos: / Bührke; Tretty

Tretty: kick scooter and bike rental in Muenster