3, 2, 1…go! European Mobility Week is here

15 September 2023

The 2023 edition of European Mobility Week is about to kick off.

From 16 to 22 September 2023, the European Commission’s sustainable mobility awareness-raising campaign will take place in thousands of cities and towns across the EU and beyond.

Since Mobility Week’s first edition 22 years ago, municipalities big and small have contributed a great deal to the event’s success, supporting the vision that active and clean transport has a transformative effect on people’s wellbeing.

“As many as 3,000 cities will take part in European Mobility Week this year and they are living proof of their power to change things,” said Adina Valean, the EU Commissioner for Transport.

“Cities may only occupy 4% of EU land area, but 75% of EU citizens call them home. By transitioning to more sustainable and efficient mobility solutions, cities can make a difference for their inhabitants,” Valean added.

This year’s theme, ‘Save Energy’, will be dedicated to harnessing the power of public transport, walking and cycling as means to tackle energy-related issues.

The goal is to highlight how sustainable mobility helps to cut costs, against the background of rising energy and mobility poverty in Europe, the ripple effect of Russia’s ongoing invasion against Ukraine and an urgent need to meet climate targets.

European Mobility Week will also include the annual and much-awaited World Car-Free Day. Set for 22 September, the event will see cities ban motorised traffic and open their roads to pedestrians and cyclists.

Every year, World Car-Free Day allows participants to look at the urban environment under a different light by showing what cities would be like without polluting vehicles, noise and congestion.

Taking sustainable mobility to the next level

Clean, active and energy-efficient transport is a key element of local governments’ green transition. Many of the municipalities that registered for the 2023 European Mobility Week are also taking part in initiatives such as the European Climate Pact, Green City Accord, EU Mission: Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and CIVITAS.

For local governments, European Mobility Week is a chance to showcase their creative green transport initiatives, illustrating how they can positively transform the urban environment and increase livability.

Inclusiveness is a dominant theme in Dublin this year. With Make Way Day, the Irish capital plans to raise awareness about the hurdles that people with disabilities face as they travel around the city. Dublin’s Mobility Week schedule additionally includes a Great Dublin Bike Ride covering over 60 kilometres and a Walk to School Competition for youth.

Croatia’s capital is taking the idea of active mobility to new heights. Throughout Mobility Week, the Kayak Association of Zagreb will run the Without a tram ticket in New Zagreb, event, a zero-emission rafting experience along the Sava River. Participants will be able to explore the city via its main waterway and learn about nature conservation while paddling on a kayak.

In Portugal, Braga’s programme includes a bike and walking trip to the Bom Jesus sanctuary, a UNESCO Heritage Site as well as workshops and activities for school kids.

In Turin, participants will be treated to a tour of the Italian city’s cycling and green areas led by environmental NGO Legambiente.

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In addition to cities, Mobility Week will also put a spotlight on efforts by schools, organisations and private businesses. Click here to view all Mobility Actions fostering a shift towards active and green modes of transport.



Daniela Berretta Eurocities Writer