From left to right: Photo 1 © Press and Information 0ffice Munich, Michael Nagy - Photo 2 © City of Munich, Peter von Felbert - Photo 3 © City of Munich, Sigi Mueller Eisbachsurfer - Photo 4 © City of Munich, Joerg Lutz



Founded in 1156, Munich was, from 1255 onwards, the royal residence of the Wittelsbach dynasty. Their prestigious buildings still characterise the city today. Residents of Munich particularly love their numerous green areas such as the English Garden, the Isar meadows and the gardens of the palaces as well as its closeness to the Alps and the lakes of Upper Bavaria. The Munich Oktoberfest – the largest public festival in the world – is visited, on average, by six million people annually.

Visitors who travel to Munich in spring, should definitely join the festivities of Europe day, and a the Munich May of Europe. This yearly campaign celebrates European friendship, and invites everyone to discover Europe in Munich.

Munich has a worldwide reputation as a business location as well as a centre for arts, culture and science. With more than 1.5 million residents, Munich is the third-largest city in Germany and the capital city of the federal state of Bavaria, officially known as ‘Freistaat Bayern’. These days, many aspects of life in Munich are deeply linked to Europe and the world. Forward-looking topics are lived and developed by citizens, companies, city administration and institutions.

Munich is actively engaging in many European networks and cooperations with other cities. Munich is partner in various EU funded projects focusing on relevant topics such as smart city mobility and digitalization, urban development, green infrastructure and climate protection. In 2019, the city council set the city’s priority to become climate neutral by 2035.

The city is economically very successful. It attracts many people who find interesting jobs in companies and research institutes or who move to Munich to study at one of its renowned universities. These conditions offer perfect opportunities to test and develop innovations not just for Munich, but for European cities at large.

Munich‘s Europe Direct Information Center (EDIC) is a joint project of the city and the European Union. Located in the Public Library, the information center welcomes all visitors, whether they come with a specific question or simply with a desire to talk about Europe, and is happy to provide advice and assistance.  It regularly organises events with a European focus.

Dieter Reiter Mayor - © Michael Nagy, Press office City of Munich
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Synagogue Ohel Jakob - © City of Munich, Joerg Lutz
Munich in winter © City of Munich, Andreas Heddergott
Olympic Parc © City of Munich, Andreas Heddergott
Munich Opera - © City of Munich, Andreas Heddergott
Allianz Arena - © Allianz Arena
Bus station - © City of Munich, Andreas Heddergott


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