EDF Munich Keynote Speech by Philip McCann

19 November 2019

Following from the exciting EDF in Munich, held on 16-18 October, we have now made the keynote speaker Philip McCann’s speech available online for all!

Professor McCann took the stage to introduce the panel debate themes and present the challenges and opportunities for urban innovation strategies. In his presentation, he stressed 4 key messages on what cities must take into account for successful urban innovation:

  1. Urban innovation must address societal challenges which are specific and relevant to the urban context;
  2. There is need to identify opportunities for experimentation, testing and trialing which relate to the local urban challenges;
  3. A good urban governance system is required to allow and foster innovation strategies including allowing failures; and
  4. The need to identify intended ex ante outcomes, ongoing monitoring and ex post evaluation for strategic success.

To check out the full speech, follow this link or listen below:


Alex Godson Eurocities Writer