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Lublin is the largest city in eastern Poland, and one of the most important economic, academic and cultural centres of the EU’s eastern border. Located where trade routes cross and where cultures converge, Lublin has long been a city of pluralism, exchange and dialogue: once an important spot for western outreach to the East and since 2004 the European Union’s borders with Belarus and Ukraine, today it is a strategic bridge into an eastward expanding Europe, a vibrant meeting place for international visitors and students.

Lublin is a dynamically growing investment centre and the administrative capital for the Lublin Region. The city is inhabited by approx. 340,000 people and the population of the metropolitan area is over 700,000 people. Due to its strategic location, dynamically developing infrastructure and access to a young and well-educated workforce, the city is one of the most attractive investment destinations in Poland. The building of social capital, taking care of the quality of the residents’ life and endorsing their creativity is another key factor for the city’s successes.

Lublin has been renowned for its vibrant cultural life with numerous internationally renowned artistic events and festivals attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world.

The city is one of the largest academic centres in Poland, hosting five public universities and a number of private higher education institutions with over 65,000 students. High quality and wide range of English language programmes attracts as many as 7,000 international students – the highest rank in Poland. It underlines the city’s openness and cosmopolitan character and attracts foreign investors.

Lublin is located at a junction of important transport routes from north-east Europe leading to Ukraine and the Baltic states, towards the Balkans and Turkey. Due to constantly improving transport infrastructure – like express roads, ring roads and fast trains – and with a new international airport offering comfortable connections to many European destinations, it has become an important logistic hub for the region.

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    Lublin has empowered its young people to create a first-of-a-kind free, open and safe youth space where the activities are as diverse as the people who take part in them.  The initiative is so successful that there are plans to extend the youth space's opening hours and to make it more accessible to people with special needs.  

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