There is only one such city as Gdańsk. It is a city full of mysteries with that little bit extra that makes it unmistakable. Gdańsk is synonym for courage, creativity and, most of all, freedom. Freedom populates as much the tenement houses of the main town as the shipyard cranes, the beautiful sand beaches and the post-industrial rooms, parks and tunnels. It inspires and transforms the space and the people making Gdańsk a city that is open to new ideas, moving with the times, an originator of events and always surprising.

Not so long ago at the centre of historical events – Lech Wałęsa led the strike in the Gdańsk Shipyard in August 1980, and the social movement Solidarity was born – the city became a symbol for freedom movements around the world and let people to believe that impossible is, after all, possible.

Today, the maritime economy, the gigantic DCT terminal, the port, and the transport hub drive the city. The city has also invested in IT services, financial and shared services creating a significant increase in employment. Gdańsk is also home to world players such as PwC, Bayer, Intel, Amazon, Nordea, Boeing and Lufthansa Systems. Businesses find a fertile terrain for collaboration with research in Gdańsk, home to over a dozen universities.

Tourism is an important sector in Gdańsk, where visitors come for its gastronomy and leisure industry, as a consequence some areas of the city such as the Old Town are being revitalised. The heart of the World Capital of Amber, the Amber Museum, is one of Gdańsk’s biggest tourist attractions. The city famous throughout the world for its extraordinary ‘Amber Fifth Avenue’ in Mariacka, Długie Pobrzeże, Długa and Długi Targ Streets where several dozen shops and galleries showcase Baltic amber jewellery and artefacts.

Gdańsk is a city that has its roots deep in history, but lives in the present and looks boldly into the future. Believing sustainability, and especially air quality, are strong indicators of the quality of life, the city is committed to ecology. Gdańsk almost incarnates the idea of ‘work-life balance’. After all, where else can one relax after work by taking a seashore stroll on a wide, sandy beach, or a walk in a deep, hilly forest?

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz Mayor
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