Welcome to Poznan, a vibrant Polish city and a growing tourist destination in the heart of Europe.

Poznan constitutes one of Poland’s most important academic and cultural centres, with a stable, modern economy featuring numerous knowledge-based services and a great quality of life. It is the fifth most populous city in the country, with over 535,000 residents – about 1 million in the whole agglomeration. Among them are 104,000 students, which provide Poznan with an incredible dose of energy and contribute to its atmosphere.

During the 10th century, Poznan was the site of the most powerful fortified settlement established by Poland’s first known ruler, Duke Mieszko I. Since then, the city’s greatest asset is its economic potential. Poznan benefits from a stable economic situation, high-level entrepreneurship, low unemployment rates, and most importantly a wealth of knowledge and skills.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy the accessibility of Poznan’s cultural heritage. The city’s history and local events showcasing its identity are a main tourist attraction. Every year, several hundred national and international events are held in Poznan, including the International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition, the Malta International Theatre Festival, the Multigenre Game Fan Convention Pyrkon, the Modern Art Festival Mediations Biennale – the largest exhibition of contemporary art in Poland and one of the major events of this kind in Central Europe – the Animated Film Festival and the world music festival Ethno Port.

The city is situated in central Europe, halfway between Berlin and Warsaw. Journeys are easy as the city is very well connected to major European and Polish cities including Frankfurt, Munich, Copenhagen, Warsaw and London.

Poznan is a fast developing, dynamic, compact and modern city that pays a lot of attention to its heritage. The history, position, accessibility, high quality urban and tourist infrastructure and services, as well as investment in state-of-the-art solutions, make the city not only an unforgettable tourist spot but also a place to live.

Jacek Jaśkowiak Mayor
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