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Budapest, with its stunning landscape and rich architectural and historical heritage, offers a unique combination of diverse cultural backgrounds, fine cuisine and wide array of leisurely activities.

The majestic Danube River divides the city into two parts: Buda, with its green hills, quiet and classy neighbourhoods and romantic atmosphere on one side; and the flat, wide-spreading Pest on the other, now a dynamic cultural centre, but still reflecting the city’s working class and industrial roots.

There is no leaving Budapest without having a glimpse of its many signature sites, including the Castle District, Matthias church, the Chain bridge, the Jewish quarter, St. Stephen’s basilica, the parliament, Heroes’ Square and the old thermal spas.

Still, there is much more to see in today’s bustling, vibrant Budapest than what is usually showcased on postcards and tourist magazines. Budapest is also home to an up-and-coming start-up scene, a rapidly developing designer fashion industry, a wide range of citizens-driven community activities and an ever more popular hipster nightlife scene.

Diversity is Budapest’s most striking feature, apparent both in its geography, its culture and in the world-famous Hungarian cuisine. Largely due to its location at the crossroads of overlapping cultural regions and power interests, Budapest bears the stamp of influences as diverse as Roman, Ottoman Turkish, Slavic, Jewish and Viennese.

Being a modern melting pot of varied subcultures and a city of stunning natural beauty, Budapest is an attractive destination for visitors across all age groups, interests and nationalities.

Full of adventures and guaranteed to win peoples’ hearts, Budapest welcomes you!

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