Open opportunity to join online culture visits

22 March 2021

If you work on culture and cultural heritage for a local, regional or national administration, civil society organisation, cultural initiative or project in the EU 27 + UK then this opportunity was made for you.

Visiting one of four host cities, you’ll discuss their successful local policies and projects, top tips, pitfalls and failures, as well as your own local experience, in a private and friendly expert environment. Selected participants (around 20 per visit) will get useful information and ideas for improving or initiating local projects or transferring some of the presented practices. You can apply here before 12 April.

The online visits, hosted by the EU-funded Cultural Heritage in Action, consist of a series of engagements taking place at the same time over 3 to 5 consecutive days (between 1.5 and 2 hours a day, depending on the number of days scheduled for the visit).

  • In Budapest, you’ll focus on social inclusion and cohesion through heritage and culture, including the festival Budapest100, which sees communities all over the city open their doors to the public annually. The visit will touch upon volunteering, local engagement and communication.

Dates: 25-28 May

  • In Šibenik, the focus is also on inclusion and cohesion through heritage and culture, oriented around the transformation of an old fortress into a cultural centre. The visit will touch on business models, local engagement and audience development.

Dates: 31 May – 4 June

  • In Nantes, the focus is on digitalising the discovery and expression of heritage, including ‘Patrimonia’ a new platform where specialists and citizens contribute to discovery of the rich and diverse local heritage. The visit will touch on co-design, shared management, valorisation of cultural heritage, as well as territorial development and remembrance polices.

Dates: 15-17 June

  • In Reggio Emilia, the focus is on heritage renovation, oriented around the transformation of the San Pietro cloisters into an open hub for innovation. The visit will touch on sustainable urban development, digital innovation, social innovation in the form of cooperatives, community cohesion and linking urban spaces and culinary tradition.

Dates: 21 – 25 June

Apply here before 12 April, opting for a maximum of two of the practices below. Please fill in one survey per chosen visit.

Selected applicants will have confirmation by 23 April.


Julie Hervé Head of Culture