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From Brunel, the great Victorian engineer who changed travel, to one of the world’s most renowned and elusive artists, Banksy, Bristol has a long esteemed history of thinking differently and achieving great things. Where else can you witness Europe’s biggest collection of balloons ascending from the heart of the city, or marvel as tomorrow’s technology is invented on an experimental network linked to one of the world’s fastest super-computers?

Bristol is recognised as a green, sustainable and culturally diverse place and was European Green Capital in 2015 – the only UK city ever to hold the title. It often ranks high as one of the best cities to live, and over 460,000 people from more than 187 different countries, speaking at least 91 different languages, are proud to call the city their home. Its green and blue spaces, compact nature and diverse, village-like communities make it a great place to both live and visit.

One of the most visited cities in the UK by both domestic and international visitors as well as a major hub for business events, its dynamic cultural landscape offers world class theatre, museums, festivals and galleries, along with award winning family and heritage attractions. Bristol’s food and drink scene is now internationally renowned, with award winning restaurants, distilleries and craft breweries located across the city.

It’s no wonder that nearly half of the city’s university graduates stay in the region. Many join one of the renowned creative and tech industries and contribute to the city economy, the strongest regional economy in the UK. Some start their own businesses – Bristol is also known for its many innovative business incubators and the country’s highest business start-up rates.

It is also a UNESCO Creative City of Film, home to some of the biggest names in TV and film with major productions now regularly making Bristol their preferred location.

Like all cities, Bristol has its challenges. The city’s success does not reach everyone and brings some difficult issues, such as a higher cost of living, traffic congestion and an acute shortage of affordable homes. Long-standing social inequality needs resolving and the city strives to create a more inclusive place where everyone has an opportunity to flourish. However, the city’s determination, collaboration and long record of creativity and innovation mean tackling these issues effectively is a realistic goal. Together, the people of Bristol want to make the city happier, healthier and more inclusive.

Tony Dyer City Leader
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