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Sunderland is attractive to investors and talented individuals alike, Sunderland is already demonstrating the leading attributes of an urban centre of the future. Motivated to continue our momentum as one of the most commercially active cities in the UK; our workforce, residents and strategic leaders are driven to innovate and adjust to constantly evolving global demands.

By 2030 we will have more and better jobs, more and better housing, more local people with better qualifications and skills to enable them to participate in and benefit from a stronger economy. A stronger city centre with more businesses, housing and cultural opportunities, a lower carbon city with greater digital connectivity for all. £2.1bn (€2.4 bn) of public and private investment resulting in more than 17,000 new jobs.

We are committed to health improvement and our ambitious plans secure the structures and processes to achieve it. To achieve a good quality of life in a health-supportive environment, we will continue to create and improve community resources and social environments. We continue to champion health protection and sustainable development to support individuals across the city in performing all functions of life, enabling them to develop to their maximum potential.

Aligned to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, our strategies to improve health and spur economic growth whilst tackling wider climate change global economic issues, are designed to support capacity-building for the people and businesses across our city. By 2030 we will have access to the same opportunities and life chances, more people living healthier, longer lives, people enjoying independent lives, cleaner and more attractive city and neighbourhoods, a city with great transport and travel links.

Through substantial regeneration projects, agile collaborations and continued investment in the city, we are already creating a more vibrant economy. Improving experiences for residents and visitors – in creating a vibrant city centre, we create a visitor destination which presents Sunderland as a competitive, attractive and successful place to live, work, learn and invest.

From award-winning theatres, museums, galleries and music venues, to substantial inward investment, world-class education and leading research facilities; we are well on the way to shaping a unique, desirable urban setting.

Cllr Graeme Miller Leader of the Council
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  • News 01 January 2021

    “Brexit or not – we’re still in”

    On day one of Brexit, British cities commit to European cooperation. “Our country might have left the European Union – but we are certainly not leaving Europe,” mayors from the network Eurocities state in a joint message.

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