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Inventive, inclusive, unexpected.

This is Sheffield.

The city – and the people who make it.

People who are both down-to-earth and restless.
Every day, defining a place that never fails to raise an eyebrow.

A city of makers, past and future.

This spirit fuels the collaborative, creative culture that’s unique to Sheffield.

It powers two world-leading universities, a thriving independent scene, the sense of community, the sense of adventure, the famously friendly welcome.

Sheffield is also The Outdoor City; officially the greenest city in the UK. And with 61% green space Sheffield thinks they might be the greenest in the world. This is thanks to a third of Sheffield sitting in the Peak District National Park and having around 4.5 million trees – giving the city the highest ratio of trees to people of any European city.

The spiritual home of climbing in the UK, with unrivalled downhill mountain biking and infamous road cycling. And Sheffield has culture coming out of its ears: a globally renowned music and street art scene; micro-breweries galore and brilliantly diverse food; festivals of words, debate and film; the largest theatre complex outside London – and everything else in between.

But most importantly it’s a city to spend time in, where the rivers and hills connect culture and communities, ultimately making Sheffield one of the most liveable places to find. So despite its commonly used nickname, these days Sheffield is less ‘Steel City’ and more ‘Real City’.

Kate Josephs Chief Executive Sheffield City Council
United kingdom
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