City news: Bristol – free electric vehicle rentals to local businesses

21 September 2020

Bristol has just secured a £3 million grant, around 3.2 million euro, that will be used to help local businesses make the transition over to cleaner vehicles.

The funding will finance a new ‘Electric Vehicle Centre for Excellence’, which will provide local businesses with expert advice and free e-vans loans. The centre will acquire 64 electric vehicles that will be available for rent, free of charge for the first two months, and will help business owners figure out the best ways to convert their existing fleets and make them fully electric.

The centre’s experts will also support business owners in applying for grants that will make the purchase of new vans and cars, or the conversion of old ones, cheaper and more accessible.

The grant will also fund the purchase and installation of five new charging points across Bristol.

“We are dedicated to cleaning up Bristol’s air pollution in the fastest time possible and creating a healthier city,” stated Bristol’s Mayor Marvin Rees.

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Wilma Dragonetti Eurocities Writer