Braga is a city of vast beauty and rich in heritage. The city combines tradition with innovation, memory with youth and creativity with conservatism.

With over 2000 years of history, Braga boasts one of the oldest Sacro-Montes in Europe, the Bom Jesus Sanctuary – a UNESCO World Heritage site. In Braga, visitors can also see the oldest Portuguese cathedral and the Monastery of Tibães, the mother house of the Benedictines.

Surrounded by an idyllic landscape and ravishing green spaces, the city hosts beautiful must-visit places linked to religion and devotion, such as the Sanctuary of Sameiro, the Bom Jesus and the Falperra.

Often called the ‘Portuguese Rome’, due to its origin in the Roman city of Bracara Augusta, the city has preserved many traces of its Roman legacy: distinct churches, splendid XVIII century houses, gardens, nature parks and recreational areas, all a testament to Braga’s long history.

Visiting Braga is like travelling in time: the old city – with its riches and majesty of tradition and religion – lives hand in hand with the modern city marked by its young spirit and entrepreneurship in vital areas such as culture, commerce, gastronomy, industry and services.

At a stone’s throw from Braga, nature lovers can enjoy the National Park of Gerês – extending from the North of Portugal to Galicia, in Spain – the gatekeeper of the region.

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Monastery of Tibaes
Paço square
Braga City Centre
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Bom Jesus
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Porta Nova Arch


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