City guidelines – Developing an integrated city plan for Roma inclusion

26 March 2020

Throughout Europe, Roma are facing discrimination and unequal access to vital services. Eurocities’ mapping showed that they often experience low levels of education which, unemployment or precarious jobs which put them at higher risk of poverty, lack of decent housing situations and worrying health conditions.

To foster better inclusion and equal opportunities for all, more than half of cities surveyed in the mapping have adopted a strategy for Roma inclusion. Through the working group Roma inclusion, they exchange and benefit for mutual learning opportunities to improve their approaches.

On 24-26 September 2019, 21 Roma inclusion experts conducted a critical friend review to help Braga scale up its Integrated Plan of Action for Disadvantages Communities. In this context, city practitioners produced a set of guidelines to support other cities interested in developing an integrated city plan for Roma inclusion.

Concrete experiences from cities (in particular Braga, Ghent, Gothenburg, Grenoble, Tetovo and Turin) are followed by essential activities and success factors that should be considered to develop an integrated city plan for Roma inclusion. The recommendations address in detail the following questions

  • How to ensure proper mapping and monitoring of the situation
  • How to develop an inclusive participatory approach
  • How to establish an integrated framework of action
  • How to secure a long-term vision

Find out more in the guidelines attached and below!

City guidelines – Integrated city plan for Roma inclusion


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    Luis Santos, a 36 year-old Marvila resident has high praise for his local library: "I let the library staff know me, by the way, right now those people are the pillars of my life, they help me, they support me, they remember me for the good and for the bad."

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