Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and it is known as the City of the seven hills. A city that participates, is sustainable, and innovative and places culture at the centre of its activity—a capital made with and for people.

We know that it is in the urban space that the advances and improvements in the quality of life of our times materialise. Mayors are critical actors in the lives of communities. They’re close to the citizens.

Ancient habits and secular history crosses with cultural animation and technological innovation. It is well-known for its hospitality and by its friendly way of welcoming its visitors and has been awarded Best City Break Destination five times. June is the liveliest month in the life of the city. It is the month of Lisbon’s Festivities. With an outdoor programme, free admission and open to all, the city is decorated in each neighbourhood to host various artistic and cultural events.

Lisbon also assumes an unmistakable position in combating climate change, with the implementation of several measures stimulated by the sign-up of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy of the European Union and its commitment to the Paris Agreement goals. Furthermore, the city has joined the C40 Cities Climate Leadership and implemented a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan.

The city has been chosen as one of Europe’s 100 cities for the mission of being carbon neutral by 2030. It is one of the biggest goals. Almost 40% of the municipality’s budget is dedicated to climate neutrality and action. Lisbon has implemented free public transport for older and younger residents and will improve smooth mobility, redesigning the cycling network and promoting electric mobility and shared mobility.

At the same time, Lisbon has implemented a robust programme of rehabilitation and construction of municipal housing with much greater energy efficiency. Lisbon is already the site of WebSummit, and it is in the early stages to put urban intelligence strategies at the service of the town and its inhabitants. The city aims to be the capital of innovation and attraction of investment, developing audacious plans, such as Lisbon’s Unicorn Factory, a scaling-up programme driven to support scale-ups to unlock their growth potential.

Lisbon is running to have a sustainable, participatory, solidary and smart city.

Carlos Moedas Mayor
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