Carlos Moedas Mayor


  • A green make-over for heritage buildings

    Heritage buildings are both very energy-hungry and tricky to renovate, how can cities find their path towards the best of both worlds?

    5 minute read
  • Who cares about sharing?

    People prefer car sharing, where you drive a car alone but share it with others, to ride sharing, where you drive together with other people. “You feel obliged to interact with other people. With ride sharing, you feel like you have to give something back. This is social indebtedness, and people generally don’t want that in everyday life.”

    6 minute read
  • Stories of the past, stories of the future

    Luis Santos, a 36 year-old Marvila resident has high praise for his local library: "I let the library staff know me, by the way, right now those people are the pillars of my life, they help me, they support me, they remember me for the good and for the bad."

    5 minute read
  • News 20 September 2022

    How to thrive in cities? Re-think public spaces

    This year, European Mobility Week puts a spotlight on public urban spaces, how to make them more livable and welcoming to residents.

    2 minute read
  • Events 19 September 2022

    What cities have to say at the EU Regions Week 2022

    Join Eurocities policy advisors and members as they showcase project insights and local government good practices.

    5 minute read
  • Spotlight 16 September 2022

    European Mobility Week kicks off

    Under the slogan ‘Better Connections,’  European Mobility Week starts this Friday in some 3,000 cities and towns, including four from Ukraine. From 16 to 22 September, the annual campaign combines awareness-raising activities on active mobility with plenty of fun.

    4 minute read
  • News 19 May 2022

    King or Pawn? Where does REPowerEU leave Europe?

    The EU’s energy sovereignty debate, ignited by geostrategic considerations stemming from the war in Ukraine, has now been backed by clear proposals for a way forward - but what are the prospects for a clean, green future?

    5 minute read
  • News 30 March 2022

    Are we fit for 55 yet?

    The war in Ukraine has further highlighted the need for Europe to embrace a swift transformation towards climate neutrality. The 'Fit for 55' package represents a historic opportunity to accelerate this transition, and push for energy independence.

    8 minute read
  • News 01 March 2022

    How to eradicate homelessness by 2030

    Cities are playing a key role in combatting homelessness and they should be further included in national and EU plans to tackle housing problems, says Rachel Streefland , Deputy Mayor for Wellbeing, Asylum and Integration in Utrecht.  

    3 minute read
  • News 07 October 2021

    EU train brings railway travel back in fashion

    After a 36-day rail journey across Europe, the Connecting Europe Express has reached Paris. This is the train’s final destination and the end of its mission: hailing a new era for rail travel

    3 minute read
  • News 21 April 2021

    Cities for climate

    City leaders in the European Covenant of Mayors commit to keep global temperature rise to below 1.5 degrees.

    2 minute read
  • Press release 08 March 2021

    Berlin, Paris and London demand safer trucks

    1,000 pedestrians and cyclists die in truck collisions every year in Europe. Many accidents are caused by truck blind spots. Cities call for better safety standards.

    3 minute read
  • News 03 March 2021

    “Time is running out”

    Mayors call on the EU presidency to ensure that cities are better involved in the national recovery plans. Portugal’s prime minister Costa promises support.

    1 minute read