Zagreb, as the capital of the Republic of Croatia, is also the seat of the Croatian Parliament, the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia. Standards which meet the needs of city dwellers, and at the same time are accommodating to tourists and business partners alike, make Zagreb a central European oasis for everyone who wishes to live comfortably, invest wisely and for those who wish to discover its rich history and the many stories and experiences it has to offer.

The exceptional hospitality of its citizens and the rich culture it offers are the main reasons why Zagreb was voted the best Christmas destination in Europe three years in a row. In addition to this wonderful holiday experience, the magic of the city can be felt throughout the year in its green parks, lakes, the wooded foothills of Medvednica Mountain, fountains and monuments, floral avenues, its squares and streets and by discovering all of the city’s mysterious nooks that will capture every heart.

The City of Zagreb is one of the most socially responsible municipalities in the Republic of Croatia. It provides security and a better standard of living for its citizens through numerous social policy measures and cares for disabled people, seniors, children, families and students. The City of Zagreb also actively supports social and charitable programmes and projects led by associations.

Tomislav Tomašević, mag.pol. Mayor of Zagreb
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  • News 28 February 2023

    Eurocities members shortlisted for top mobility award

    They excelled at promoting sustainable mobility during the 2022 European Mobility Week. Now they’re the frontrunners in the namesake mobility prize. What made Braga, Zagreb and Sofia stand out?

    3 minute read
  • Press release 17 November 2022

    Antwerp, Pesaro, Vantaa, Warsaw and Zagreb pledge inclusion

    On the evening of 16 November 2022, at the 10th edition of the Integrating Cities Conference in Utrecht, the cities of Antwerp, Pesaro, Vantaa, Warsaw and Zagreb signed the Integrating Cities Charter, joining the 42 cities in this initiative.

    3 minute read
  • News 05 May 2022

    Tourism is boosting Zagreb and Ostend’s post-covid recovery

    Ostend and Zagreb are two of many cities that had a booming tourism sector before the pandemic and are now doing their best to recover, create jobs and plan for the future.

    5 minute read
  • News 15 April 2022

    Recovery, Zagreb’s chance to play catch up

    NRRPs funds will be a one-time opportunity for the Croatian capital to even out differences with fellow EU cities, and to clear the the air from transport pollution. Learn more in this interview with Ivan Ivanković’s, Zagreb’s Head of Energy & Climate.

    6 minute read
  • News 30 March 2022

    Are we fit for 55 yet?

    The war in Ukraine has further highlighted the need for Europe to embrace a swift transformation towards climate neutrality. The 'Fit for 55' package represents a historic opportunity to accelerate this transition, and push for energy independence.

    8 minute read
  • News 16 March 2022

    Zagreb is ready to welcome (more) refugees

    Zagreb is prepared to welcome Ukrainian refugees as it also improves its services for all refugees.

    5 minute read
  • News 03 March 2022

    Cities rally around Ukraine

    Local leaders are multiplying their voices in support of Ukraine with messages, aid, donations and solidarity offers while draping themselves in yellow and blue.      

    3 minute read
  • News 24 February 2022

    As energy prices soar, cities step in

    The current energy crisis is a hard test to face for low-income households. Through crowdfunding and long-term solutions, cities are offering residents a helping hand with soaring utility bills.    

    4 minute read
  • News 16 November 2021

    COP26: More than ‘blah blah blah’?

    Cities represented at COP26 demonstrated that any transformative action on the path to climate neutrality needs to firmly involve the local level.

    4 minute read
  • Events 01 November 2021

    A Green Deal that works for people

    Mayors across Europe recognise that climate action and social progress are two sides of the same coin. This COP26 'host zone' session will be livestreamed direct from Glasgow on Wednesday 10 November 13:30-15:30 GMT (starts 14:30 CEST).

    2 minute read

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