Rijeka is a city of turbulent history. A place that, regardless of the many regimes, states and conquerors that have changed throughout the centuries, has developed and preserved a specific way of life for its residents. A port and a shipbuilding centre, Rijeka is also the 2020 European Capital of Culture.

Rijeka refers to many things, but first of all it refers to people who managed to create this city as a pleasant place to live in. The genuine respect and acceptance of diversities was always a natural feature of the people who have lived in Rijeka, and that has created a European spirit that brought to Rijeka the title of the 2020 European Capital of Culture.

Rijeka is a city worth visiting for its specific local way of life, to enjoy the clean seawater and nice beaches or to enjoy the sightseeing and the charm of its night life. The city offers a rich gastronomic, cultural and entertainment program.

Rijeka cherishes its tradition in various fields, in particular the carnival tradition. The International Rijeka Carnival is well known in Europe and the World.

One of Rijeka’s main attractions is the main pedestrian street, Korzo, situated in the very heart of Rijeka. Next to Korzo visitors can see the symbol of the City – the City Clock Tower, the entrance to the ancient fortified town.

Rijeka is a Mediterranean city, a modern, urban settlement with excellent drinking water, clean beaches and pure sea water. All visitors and summer passers-by have the opportunity to swim in the beautiful Adriatic Sea. You can do that almost in the centre of the city. It logically resulted in a growing number of tourists in the previous couple of years and it fosters the development of urban tourism, services, sports, youth and cultural events.

As Rijeka used to be a strong industrial centre, the city is rich with industrial heritage, like the torpedo launch station, part of the Torpedo Factory where first torpedo was designed and produced back in 1860.

The Bay of Rijeka is deep enough to accept the biggest ships, which made it possible for Rijeka to become an important sea port. Rijeka is the biggest Croatian port, the third largest Croatian city and a university and an administrative centre.

With its near surroundings Rijeka has almost 200,000 inhabitants. It is located in the western part of Croatia, only afew hours’ drive away from Milan, Vienna and Venice.

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Port of Rijeka
Port of Rijeka
City tower with double-headed eagle and Promenade


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