Double crisis in Zagreb with corona and earthquake

16 April 2020

Zagreb has been hit twice and is combating the impacts of COVID-19 and the strongest earthquake in 140 years at the same time. Now the city calls for solidarity and support.

“The earthquake turned a quarter of our city into rubble”, says Milan Bandić, mayor of Zagreb. He calls on “friends all over Europe and fellow mayors” to help.

On 22 March, with the Croatian capital being in corona lockdown, an earthquake shook the city and damaged thousands of buildings. Zagreb’s historic centre was hit hard, parts of the cathedral, the parliament building, many churches and historical sites collapsed. Debris crushed cars and blocked roads. People have been injured, hospitals had to be evacuated.

The city and the national government reacted quickly. Zagreb organised housing assistance and meals for citizens in need while still complying with the measures implemented due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Reconstruction and repairs of buildings and infrastructure will be a complex and lengthy process, especially difficult under the restrictions of the corona pandemic.

Donations can be made to the City of Zagreb’s earthquake relief fund:

IBAN: HR5723600001502749340


Alex Godson Eurocities Writer