Brussels Capital Region

The Brussels-Capital Region is a diverse and attractive urban area. It perfectly illustrates the dynamism of significant cities. With its 1,222,637 inhabitants (2022) spread over 19 municipalities on 162 km², the region is characterised by a high population density (7,528 inhabitants/km²).

Have you noticed the many languages spoken here? This is no coincidence because it is the most cosmopolitan city in Europe, namely a third of the population is of foreign origin with 184 nationalities.

Moreover, it is the heart of Europe, literally and figuratively. The Region has a long history of hosting a number of EU institutions, and on top of that, you are less than two hours’ train travel from London, Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne, constituting a significant economic crossroads. And yet the Region is a human-scale place. A compact city where it is easy to get around on foot, by bike, bus, tram or metro. The Brussels-Capital Region is a low-emission zone, which means the most polluting vehicles are not allowed to drive here.

Because of the Region’s strategic location, 33 businesses hatch daily in Brussels. This is Belgium’s highest birth rate! Developing a sustainable economy is a significant priority for the Brussels-Capital Region. In 2022, the economic strategy “the Shifting Economy” was launched to move the economy towards sustainability: decarbonated, regenerative, circular, social, democratic and digital economy.

In addition, the Brussels-Capital Region has incredible historical, gastronomical, architectural and cultural riches. There are no less than 80 museums in the Brussels Capital Region. You name it, and there is probably a museum about it. Art-nouveau fan? Super tip! There are almost a thousand Art Nouveau buildings in the Region. On quite a few street corners, you’ll bump into beautiful facades. Behind them are often wonderfully dreamy interiors.

Did you know that half of the Region is green? That life is cheaper here than in most other capitals? The Brussels-Capital Region has five universities and around 25 colleges, so study choices abound. The vibrant capital is unique, welcoming and warm. There is always something to do. So take it easy and alternate cultural hotspots with a beer, delicious food or a fantastic concert. With over 23,000 cultural events, the Region is buzzing at any time of day.

Rudi Vervoort Minister-President
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