The City of Brussels is one of a kind. You may think this is the typical introduction to any city in the world, but for Brussels this happens to be true! Read on and you’ll see what we mean!

First, consider this: as the host of several European Union institutions, the City of Brussels is at the same time the capital of Belgium and of 450 million Europeans. With residents from 184 different nationalities and speaking 104 languages, Brussels is one of the most diverse and multicultural places in the world.

The City of Brussels boasts two universities, new pedestrian and cycling areas, a large number of museums and cultural institutions as well as great social support for people of all ages.

What about culture and events? You’ve already heard of Manneken Pis, the Atomium and the Grand Place. These three symbols of our city are a great example of our ‘melting pot’ . In the City of Brussels, there’s always so much to discover: from street art walking tours, to antique markets, to the historical Ommegang procession dating back to the 16th century.

In the spring, you can take part in the Belgian Pride and discover nature as it blossoms in the city’s dozens of parks. In the summertime, you can take a nap in the woods of the “Bois de la Cambre” or attend a concert in the city hall. In autumn, you can visit the Belgian Beer Festival. In the winter, you can browse through the annual Christmas market and enjoy holiday atmosphere.

Philippe Close Bourgmestre
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