A city in transition

‘Be Circular – Be Brussels’ is jump starting the city’s transition towards a more circular economy, by encouraging local businesses to get on board.

By offering financial and business support to smaller companies and startups, the aim is to identify innovative business ideas that support the circular economy and unleash their creativity.

Successful initiatives have included:

Dropstore – which collects unwanted technological devices and computers in order to strip them for space parts or repair and resell them

The creation of an outlet store that resells clothes collected from a network of over 2,600 textile collection points at a low cost

Work with local food producers to create a shortened supply chain, including a supermarket selling Belgian only products

“Be Circular – Be Brussels is not only about supporting entrepreneurs’ circular economy projects,” says Catherine Vanderstichele, head of department, Economy in Transition, Brussels Capital Region. “It is also for us as agencies to understand the issues and success factors they experience and to follow and learn from the evolution of their projects.”

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Alex Godson Eurocities Writer