Flashback on action for nature-based solutions

21 February 2020

Oldies, but goldies, our cities have implemented some excellent initiatives over the years on nature-based solutions and how to communicate these to citizens. From green-roofs to bats in backyards. With the buzz around the European Green Deal and an upcoming Biodiversity Strategy to 2030, we are reminded of the importance of biodiversity and integrated green and blue spaces in cities. Indeed, cities play an important role in enhancing biodiversity by providing biodiverse green corridors connecting larger protected areas of natural habitat. Check out some of the actions cities are taking in the handy booklets below.

Don’t forget that we will be exploring the possibilities of nature-based solutions at our next Environment Forum on 18-20 March in Porto and Guimaraes! From assessing natural capital, to greening food systems and enshrining an integrated concept for environmental protection into law. We’ll also be delving into the European Green Deal and exploring what it means for cities and offering you an opportunity to showcase your actions!