• Sandboxing migration

    Sofia has taken new tack on migrant integration: “Exactly the same way as kids play in their sandboxes,” says Sevdalina Voynova, director of the Sofia Development Association “We’re doing the same thing with engineers and tech people.”

    10 minute read
  • News 07 October 2021

    EU train brings railway travel back in fashion

    After a 36-day rail journey across Europe, the Connecting Europe Express has reached Paris. This is the train’s final destination and the end of its mission: hailing a new era for rail travel

    3 minute read
  • News 02 July 2021

    Stronger urban policy in the EU and China

    The Chinese word ‘市‘, ‘shì’, translates only loosely into English as ‘city’, but despite differences, European and Chinese cities face many of the same policy-making challenges. Here are the tools to meet those challenges.

    7 minute read
  • News 22 March 2021

    Eurocities members in mobility awards finals

    With this year’s theme “zero-emissions mobility for all”, Sofia, Belgrade, Bilbao, Grenoble Alpes Metropole and Heraklion are in the running to win at the European Mobility Week and other awards.

    2 minute read

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