“The sea is not a fiction and happiness exists,“ wrote the famous Burgas poet Hristo Fotev, showing the strong bond that exists between the people of this city and the Black Sea, which has long been a source of life to the people inhabiting its shores as well as a link to the outside world. This strong link helped Burgas, a relatively young city, rise in prominence at the turn of the 20th century and fashion itself into one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities of the country.

You will probably enter the city through the modern airport, the sunniest airport in the EU, serving more than 2 million passengers annually, or through the train station, an architectural landmark of the city. Once here, you can enjoy the many parks, the uninterrupted beaches which you can reach directly from the city centre. With its streets lined with open-air cafés, restaurants, and bars, the downtown area offers a vibrant nightlife, especially in the summer months.  Alternatively, you can visit some of the nearby historical towns such as Nessebar, a UNESCO world heritage site. The city is also home to many cultural and sporting events such as an International Folk Music Festival, the Spice Music Festival, and many other music events.

Burgas is not only a tourist city. Тhe city lies on the Via Pontica flyway, the second biggest bird migration route in Europe and 43% of the municipality are part of the NATURA 2000. This is why it is paramount for the city to maintain the balance between development and safeguarding this unique environment. To achieve this goal Burgas is working to decrease its GHG emissions, transform its economy from linear to circular, and involve the citizens in finding nature-based solutions to local issues.

Additionally, Burgas is a forward-looking smart city investing in the development of innovative solutions to both local and global problems. It is the home to a Southeastern Digital Hub and a brand new high school dedicated to training youth to use the new technologies and to develop even newer ones, it is optimally poised to meet the challenges of the future.

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    Walking down Bogoridi Street in Burgas feels like stepping into the past – you might not suspect that this wide, sand-hued street is one of the most high-tech public spaces in Europe. The old-style streetlamps are more than they seem...

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