Being home to nearly 430.000 inhabitants, Odunpazarı is a dynamic city where residents can feel its joyful energy at every corner. Located on the south side of Porsuk River, Odunpazarı is the biggest central district of Eskişehir. The city is one of the most prosperous districts of the country, with a high education and socio-economic development.

Odunpazarı intends to connect with citizens and other relevant stakeholders such as higher education and knowledge institutions, civil society organisations and the private sector – all essential partners in building the city. Odunpazarı is a friendly and peaceful place that welcomes everyone to enjoy a democratic atmosphere without discrimination. People get along well in this Human Rights City firmly committed to Gender Equality and Women´s Rights.

The City’s education, social and health services are part of the quality of life for all citizens, from their start to decent and respectful ageing. Residents and guests can feel safe and relaxed and constantly discover new and exciting things from the surrounding world. According to Numbeo’s 2023 data, Eskişehir, the metropolis of Odunpazarı, is ranked as the 10th safest city in the world’s most secure cities. A marvellous transport network makes it easy to reach all around Odunpazarı. Thus, getting around Odunpazarı is a piece of cake.

Odunpazarı is a city of contrasts. Dynamic and diverse with a rich cultural and historical heritage, classical and modern, vibrant and tranquil, a glorious past and a promising future – all coexist in perfect harmony. Odunpazarı Historical Urban Site is essential to start exploring a thousand-shade universe. Monuments and remains from different historical periods coexist harmoniously – from Seljuk times through the Middle Ages and the Ottoman period to today. The historic centre of Odunpazarı was designated as Tentative in the 2012 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Odunpazarı is a vibrant cultural centre with many cultural creative industries, artistic entities and research centres. The city emphasizes mass cultural events and promotes an active lifestyle with free admission and open to all. With its splendid architecture and culture, Odunpazarı attracts enthusiasts’ attention. An average of 400.000 tourists visit Odunpazarı annually.

Let it be known,
Odunpazarı grows but does not grow old.

Kazım Kurt Mayor
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