Being home to about half a million inhabitants, Kadikoy is a dynamic city where residents can feel its joyful energy at every corner. Located on the Anatolian side, Kadikoy is one of the central districts of Istanbul, surrounded by Marmara Sea to the west and south. At the junction of the two sides of the city, Rumelia and Anatolia, and of Europe and Asia, Kadikoy is a city full of history bridging different cultures.

Early settlements of the city dating back to 1,000 BC provide rich historical ground. Kadikoy used to be called Khalkedonia, which means the land of the blind, by the Byzantines. When the Byzantines settled in Sarayburnu and founded Byzantium, they were fascinated by the beauty of the region and therefore named the residents of Kadikoy ‘blind’ because they preferred the opposite side of Istanbul. At present, offering a stunning Istanbul view, the city has changed this historical judgement and become an inspiring and attractive city to visit, work and live.

Kadikoy has been a centre of diversity and dialogue with its Turkish, Armenian, Greek and Jewish residents as well as several historical mosques, churches and synagogues. In addition to its social composition, its urban land use reflects an interwoven network; residential and commercial areas intertwine with each other. Based on its long-term cultural background, the city has more than 1,000 historical buildings and monuments. With its splendid architecture, Haydarpaşa Railway Station stands out as one of Istanbul’s most important symbols.

The city is one of the most prosperous districts with high education and socio-economic development. Kadikoy is known as the city of culture, for the only opera house available in Istanbul, Süreyya Opera House, is located in Kadikoy. In addition to more than 70 theatre groups, several festivals are organised in the city such as the Mural Festivals in collaboration with international mural artists, Kadikoy Book Days, Kadikoy Record Days and Kadikoy Cinema Days. Being a cultural and commercial centre and with its vibrant cultural life, shopping opportunities and lively nightlife, Kadikoy is an attractive destination for visitors for a wide range of leisure activities.

Kadikoy is a friendly and peaceful city welcoming and bearing everybody to enjoy a democratic atmosphere without any discrimination.

Şerdil Dara Odabaşı Mayor
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