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Named European Green Capital in 2016, Ljubljana is one of the greenest and safest capitals in the world and one of Europe’s smallest and least populated capital cities, ensuring plenty of personal space for carefree exploration. Ljubljana keeps the friendliness of a small town while offering all the services of a large capital.

Winter brings out its dreamy Middle European character, and the summer is the best time to enjoy the car-free city centre and its Mediterranean vibe.

Regarded as the hidden gem of Europe by travellers, the city offers many experiences for an active break surrounded by nature, while also enjoying a selection of local delicacies. And moments of relaxation are best found near the banks of the Ljubljanica, where visitors stop in the cosy cafes while mingling with locals and enjoying the scenery.

The ancient city centre is always bustling with activity. Ljubljana provides a rich cultural offer, hosting more than 14,000 events every year. During the warmer months, the city holds several free concerts, street performances and other happenings. A beloved event is the Open Kitchen market with its diverse culinary experience.

Ljubljana boasts an extraordinary culinary offer, combining traditional recipes, locally grown organic food, the influence of the Mediterranean and modern techniques by local chefs. The food experience wouldn’t be the same without some Slovene wines, characterised by pronounced natural aromas. The city is becoming a major culinary reference and wants to take advantage of its potential to place itself among European culinary destinations.

Visitors should not miss the green surroundings of Ljubljana. A diverse area including the Kamnik Alps, pre-alpine hills, the Ljubljanska Kotlina basin, the unique natural environment of the Ljubljana Marshes, the Karst fields, subterranean caves, rivers and lakes.

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