Green and blue are dominant colours in Copenhagen, and its inhabitants never miss an opportunity to be outside, involved in some activity. From swimming in the harbour during the summer season, to walking around the lakes in the inner city, to biking. Every day, people in Copenhagen cycle more than 1.3 million km – the city has more bikes than inhabitants!

Visitors in Copenhagen will enjoy the Danish ‘hygge’ – the feeling of cosiness that can be found in the small, old town that inspired Hans Christian Andersen to write his renowned fairy tales.

The capital offers a variety of cultural experiences ranging from visiting several ancient, beautiful castles to exploring the Freetown Christiania. Copenhagen’s cultural life is diverse and provides space for the fine, the raw and the unpolished. The modern city makes the most of its historic buildings and values the cultural traces of its past.

When hunger hits, Copenhagen offers a modern, Nordic restaurant scene including several street food markets with food from all over the world as well as Danish classics such as ‘tarteletter’.

Visitors don’t need to limit themselves to the city centre. Instead, they can explore several young and vibrant neighbourhoods or enjoy some beautiful nature like the Amager strand – a wide sandy beach a mere ten minutes on the metro from the centre. The city makes it a priority to integrate nature within Copenhagen’s urban fabric.

Copenhagen mixes royal history, modern architecture and loads of culture with sustainable living. Housing, business, culture and nature mix in the various city neighbourhoods creating a blend that is attractive to Copenhageners and visitors.

Sophie Hæstorp Andersen Lord Mayor
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