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Aarhus is characterized by its unique location with the uphill landscape providing a perfect view of the coastline from most parts of the city. With its vibrant atmosphere you simply can’t stop smiling when you’re approaching the city. And maybe that’s why it’s known as Smilets By (City of Smiles) among locals.

Being the second largest city of Denmark, Aarhus has a lot to offer. Whether it being the overwhelming selection of great restaurants and cafés, or the inspiring cultural life with theatres, museums, and a creative music scene.

Throughout the city you’ll find innovative districts that are bringing businesses together within categories like food, agriculture, health, CleanTech, film, design, and architecture. These hubs of innovation both strengthen the individual company while promoting collaboration between them.

Aarhus is constantly in a twin transition towards a greener, more sustainable future, where we embrace a more digitized life in the city. Through Smart City initiatives we are creating a space where new ideas can blossom, and technology is seen as a friendly helper; from cleaning our harbours, preserving our resources, and to helping our elders with a better and more consistent sleep.

This twin transition is also a part of the solution towards our goal of becoming CO2 neutral in 2030. We’ve recently passed the halfway mark and achieved a 50 % reduction of emissions. However, the hardest challenges remain, and with the city only directly controlling around 10 % of the remaining sources for CO2 emission, we look to the businesses, organizations, and citizens of Aarhus for help. Together, we can do it.

We are also a city of students. Young, bright minds who will shape the day of tomorrow. Therefore, Aarhus is always in the pursuit of creating the best possible facilities for a vibrant student life. This includes affordable housing, a vast variety of creative and inspiring activities, and an ideal space for gathering with friends and strangers alike, for networks to emerge, and ideas to be shared.

Aarhus takes a proactive approach to the changes and challenges: an enormous harbour renovation project is creating new homes and will pre-empt the effects of climate change in Aarhus. Public transportation projects are coming to life to ensure a smarter, more liveable city. And an abandoned central railroad depot has blossomed into an entrepreneurial hub for cultural and creative grassroots.

Jacob Bundsgaard Mayor
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