CitiMeasure focuses on the application of citizen science in creating more smart, sustainable, and inclusive European cities. The project builds upon the lessons learned from the Dutch City Deal Working Groups, a network of stakeholders working on the development of instruments for citizen measurement in the Netherlands. CitiMeasure will support the establishment of three pan-European working groups that will develop three instruments: namely,

  1. an instrument that allows the outputs of different city measurement initiatives to be compared,
  2. an instrument that safeguards the digital inclusivity of city measurement initiatives (ensuring individuals and communities are equally represented),
  3. an instrument that connects information to behavioural change and municipal policy.

In addition, the project will raise awareness on the importance of citizen measurement initiatives and capitalize on the results and tools of similar citizen science projects by creating an online European Knowledge Centre with a repository of good practices.

CitiMeasure is a 2-year EU-funded project (2021-2023).