Open letter to the European institutions: Maintain vehicle emissions climate ambition

17 April 2020

Eurocities joined civil society, major businesses, retailers, businesses and the power sector in calling on the EU institutions to maintain ambition on CO2 standards for cars, vans and trucks. Writing to the EU Commission president von der Leyen, vice-presidents Dombrovskis and Timmermans, and transport commissioner Valean, they say:

“We therefore call on you to keep in place the EU’s 2020 CO2 targets for passenger cars, commercial vehicle and heavy-duty vehicles unchanged – and assure full compliance to ensure the urgently needed investments take place and for the sake of Europe’s regulatory credibility. Rather than altering the regulation or penalties, the focus should be on economic support to ensure jobs and green investment are maintained.”

The joint letter stresses that the priority should be to ensure the health of citizens and the job security of the millions of workers, with the economic recovery building on the climate momentum created by the European Green Deal to create a strengthened and resilient EU to the climate crisis.

The letter can be found attached below.

Letter to EU institutions – maintain vehicle emissions climate ambition


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