Eurocities in talks to found new city

1 April 2021

In the first example of its kind, Eurocities, the top cities network, has been entrusted with the planning and development of a brand-new city for the European Union.

‘Eurocity’ will be the brainchild of urban experts from across the Eurocities network who have agreed to put their heads together and create the perfect city for all.

“It’s really exciting to be given this opportunity,” said Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General of Eurocities. “Unlike other ‘New Town’ projects, such as Brasilia or Naypyidaw, the concept behind Eurocity is not based on national vanity. Rather, we really want to start at the level of people. What do people want – that’s really the be all and end all of the development plan.”

‘Eurocity’ will be financed by a Horizon Europe grant from the European Commission, together with crowdfunding. The initial talks between Eurocities experts and EU officials have already sparked interest across the continent, with many people expressing both an interest to move to the new conurbation, and proposing ideas for what could be included.

“Imagine walking down the street as your chosen soundtrack follows you, thanks to sensors located in the smart lampposts. No need any more for personal headphones – the city has you covered!” exclaimed Cher Horowitz, an urban expert.

“I’m so sick of the air pollution these days, which is why I’ve developed a new method for travel,” said Marty McFly, of Eurocities. “In Eurocity we will be able to introduce the very latest in clean mobility – cars and buses with no floor that the users can power by walking!”

“We should definitely be ready to embrace new ideas like 5G tooth implants to create a decentralised Wi-Fi network,” added McFly. “I have already sold my house to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign.”

With the ‘land purchase’ already agreed between Eurocities and the European Union, the city will be built on reclaimed land from the sea, using a technique based on fracking.

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This article was prepared in the spirit of April fools, and should not be taken seriously. In fact, ‘Eurocity’ already exists, in our minds, and thanks to the boundless work of all the experts that work on our common causes. If this article has left you wanting more, then you really can travel to Eurocity with a simple click, by delving into our Reinventing Cities report, which brings together more than 70 inspiring examples of city actions:


Alex Godson Eurocities Writer