The city of tomorrow

19 February 2021

Eurocities has created a digital city: Eurocity is a place made of the best examples of how real cities all over Europe meet the challenges they face with Covid and beyond. The online space is home to different characters who invite visitors to explore their city and discover the stories behind the speech bubbles.

The animated website with the title ‘Reinventing cities’ is a new format for the annual report that Eurocities usually publishes about the activities of the network. “2020 has been a different year, a unique year,” says Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary General of Eurocities. “That’s why our annual report had to be special as well.”

For the report, more than 70 examples of city actions have been collected, along with over 25 initiatives and projects from Eurocities.

Visit Eurocity and the ‘Reinventing cities’ report