COVID-19 – City Dialogue on mobility measures – Highlights

29 April 2020

Given the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on our cities, and specifically its implications for sustainable urban mobility, on 22 April 2020, Eurocities organised a city-to-city online dialogue on mobility measures currently adopted in European cities in response to COVID-19.

During the city dialogue we had the chance to discuss how to keep a balance between safety measures to tackle the COVID-19 health crisis and promoting sustainable mobility in these challenging times.

Here below you can find the main takeaways from the discussion as well as the key questions we will address during the next city dialogue which will focus on the economic impact of the crisis in the urban mobility context.

The video recording of the city dialogue is available via this link. Please feel free to share it with your colleagues!

Information about the next city dialogue will be circulated in May. Do you want to contribute as a speaker in our next dialogue? Contact us!


  • Reclaiming the streets

    How one pollution-plagued city is getting rid of cars and filling the streets with fun, families and fresh air.

    6 minutes read
  • Let it rain

    What would happen if cities let rain run its course? Paris is becoming a permeable city and with rain, other positive effects have trickled in.

    5 minutes read
  • Bankable rivers

    Two decades ago, Wroclaw's river rose up and swallowed the city, killing 55 residents. 162,000 people were evacuated and the city sustained half a billion euros in damages. The city’s response? Embrace the river, develop it, and make it part of urban life.

    6 minutes read
  • Noise engin-ear

    Noise barriers, silent tires, diverted railways, a new type of tram - cities all over Europe are working to turn down the noise, and Riga is one city that is taking serious action.

    5 minutes read
  • A path to wheel urban development

    When cycling is the most popular method of getting around, it promotes healthy urban living.

    5 minutes read
  • Reclaiming the city

    How do you create a whole new city district without expanding upwards and outwards? Antwerp's urban mobility project provides an answer.

    5 minutes read