City news: Madrid – Electrical bike sharing

10 September 2020

Madrid has launched a bicycle-sharing scheme with 454 free-floating e-bikes. From September, the electric bicycles are available via 72 stations in 15 districts in the city. With the electric fleet, the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid is complementing the existing bike sharing service.

The new e-bikes will be placed around public transport stops to make it easy to combine different modes of transport. They can be returned at any location in the city, except in pedestrian zones or historic parks.

Users pay €0.19 per minute for the new service. Users that return the e-bikes at a station instead of along the street get a 50% discount. And subscribers, using the new e-bikes from dock to dock, instead of taking advantage of the free-floating option, will pay their usual fee (€25 annual rate or €15 with a travel card).

The shared service will undergo daily disinfection to comply with COVID-19 measures, and users must use gloves and masks.

The arrival of the new electric bicycles in the capital is part of one more measure of the Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy to promote sustainable mobility and contribute to reducing polluting emissions in the city.

Read more (in Spanish) here and here

*Photo credits: EMT Madrid


Wilma Dragonetti Graphic Designer


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