Situated in South West of Norway, Stavanger is the fourth largest city of Norway and the administrative, economic and cultural centre of Rogaland County. Stavanger could be described as a pocket-sized metropole: inhabitants from more than 180 countries, several headquarters of international companies, a vivid and cosy city centre with restaurants from all over the world, as well as good flight connections to the Nordics and continental Europe.

Short distances make Stavanger an easily accessible living and working region. In close connection to the agriculture and farming landscapes, it has large hiking areas and leisure space.

Stavanger is ambitious in combating climate change, and the city aims to cut 80 % of greenhouse gases by 2030 and be a fossil-free municipality by 2040. The city’s pioneering work on smart city development has been exemplified through the H2020 Triangulum project, by establishing a smart city office in the city administration and being the host city for the largest smart city event in the Nordics, Nordic Edge Expo.

Stavanger is also the energy capital of Norway and for the past fifty years, the city has been the centre for the development of Norway as an energy nation. Building on the competence and traditions from oil and gas, the public, private and academia institutions now work closely to use the knowledge and competence to develop sustainable energy solutions, e.g. offshore wind and hydro power.

Kari Nessa Nordtun Governing mayor
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