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Pilsen is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic. It is located in western Bohemia and is an important industrial, commercial, cultural, and administrative centre. The city was founded on the confluence of four rivers, Uhlava, Uslava, Radbuza and Mze, by the Czech king Wenceslas II in 1295.

The rich cultural and economic standard of life in Pilsen is enhanced by its heritage. In 1989, the ancient town centre was declared a historical landmark that needed to be carefully preserved.

The rich architectural gems in the centre include Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, Renaissance City Hall, Baroque reconstruction of the Archdeacon’s house and Franciscan Monastery, and the recently re-opened Great Synagogue of Pilsen. Many Pilsen public buildings, such as the city theatre and museum, the Burgher Hall or houses with Mikolas Ales’s graffiti, date back to the 19th century.

Industrialisation took off in the 19th century when industrial giants such as the engineering complex Skoda and the Pilsen Brewery were established. Nowadays, the modern industrial zone in Borska Fields is one of the most extraordinary indistrial projects in the country. .

The city also boasts the TechTower, one of most technology advanced parks in the Czech Republic, offering facilities and offices for innovative companies, technology enthusiasts, programmers and start-up entrepreneurs.

In an effort to increase the quality of education in the area, the University of West Bohemia was founded in the city in 1991. There are also an array of secondary schools, grammar schools, and art schools throughout the city.

Several international institutions are also located here, including Alliance Francaise, the British Library and the Austrian Library. The spiritual tradition of the city was strengthened when the Bishopric was opened in 1993. Performances in the J. K. Tyl Theatre are among the most valuable traditions of the Pilsen culture.

Pilsen is a centre of international cultural events and festivals that include the Smetana Days, the Theatre Festival, International Drawing Biennial, Skupa’s Plzen, and the International Big-Band Festival. The Pilsen Cultural Summer offers various open-air-stage concerts in the city centre.

With the many woods and rivers that surround Pilsen, the city offers a range of  recreational possibilities for its citizens and visitors alike.

This is a unique, beautiful and thriving city, that respects it cultural roots, embraces the future, and is a wonderful location, both to live and visit.

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