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Brno is a young, friendly city with first-rate gastronomy and a unique atmosphere that you should experience together with the locals.

Brno might be a smaller tourist destination. But what it lacks in size, it makes up in authentic atmosphere and green surroundings. Brno is not so much about monuments – though 7 UNESCO monuments can be found within 100 km of Brno – but rather about the people who make it just the way it is. Celebrated by The New York Times as the best place to enjoy a beer, cocktail or a cup of coffee, in Brno people make visitors feel at home.

Taste is left, right and centre in Brno with exceptional coffees prepared by renowned baristas, tasty dishes in trendy bistros using local ingredients and the best Czech bars. In Brno you’ll find fine dining and good beer, but wine lovers especially will fall in love as Brno lies in the heart of South Moravia, the largest wine making area in Czechia.

Brno is not only famous for its gastronomy, but also for its modern architecture and its cultural scene. Thanks to its world-class buildings the city is known as the Mecca of modern architecture. The Tugendhat Villa, for example, is the only Czech monument of modern architecture recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Brno is a proud member of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Music Network thanks to numerous music festivals held throughout the year. These include the Marathon of Music, JazzFest Brno, Moravian Autumn, and Janáček Brno, which received the International Opera Award.

Brno is also known as the Moravian Silicon Valley and is home to a number of both international and Czech businesses, successful start-ups, research centres and universities. Brno is a young city that attracts young potential – about 80,000 students elected it the 4th best city in the world to study in.

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