• Think energy

    How fast would you have to cycle a bike to power a lightbulb? What about making a cup of coffee? One of the things that makes it hard to save energy is that for most of us the ways that we use and lose energy seem fairly abstract.

    7 minutes read
  • News 16 November 2020

    Inspiring stories on cultural heritage

    From fortresses that rise like a phoenix from the ashes, to walls that whisper secrets of the past - this isn't a new Harry Potter novel, it's a collection of best practices on cultural heritage in the EU's cities and regions.

    1 minute read
  • Spotlight 26 October 2020

    Privacy in the smart city

    Is there a conflict between the right to privacy and the smart city? Guest writer Chris Jones and our data policy officer tackle the topic head on.

    4 minutes read
  • News 31 January 2019

    50 cities sign Declaration on citizens engagement

    50 cities have now adopted the Eurocities Declaration on citizens' engagement, demonstrating their commitment to create a Europe where people come first and citizens have a role in new forms of participatory democracy.

    2 minutes read